short essay on Chhath puja in english-300+words

short essay on chhath puja in english-300+words

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Chhath Puja

Chhath Puja is a great festival for the Hindus People. It is the day when people worship the sun. This is celebrated for four days. Chhath Puja is not only a festival but also a medium where people can exchange their love, care, respect among their family members.

In this festival, people take a dip bath in ponds and rivers and worship the rising sun. it falls under Kartik month according to the Nepali calendar whereas, according to the English calendar it falls under the month of October or November. People performed puja morning and in the evening which is known as Arghya.

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Maha Shivratri

It is also believed that the sun can cure diseases like leprosy and many other diseases. Not only Hindus others religious-like Buddhists Muslims etc also celebrated this festival with high devotion.

We can see people from different religions celebrate this festival by taking part in this festival. A very strict fast is kept to make sun god happy. People also believe that they can impress Chhath Mata by worshiping the sun god as it is considered as Chhath’s sister. They don’t eat for four days but also they have smiling faces due to the blessing of God.

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Saraswati puja

According to their belief, they consider the sun as a god who can give good health, prosperity and fulfill all the dreams of the people. They offer different fruits and sweets to god sun. They make small worshiping places or tents near the river or ponds so that they can worship the whole night. They decorate the worshiping place with banana leaves and put electrical lights on it. Tents are made on riversides(ghats) so that they can easily worship the sun early in the morning. Sun is also considered a source of power and purity.

Chhath Puja is considered one of the important festivals of which is celebrated with joys and happiness. Different kinds of sweets are made and distributed as prasad to people.