Short Essay on Globalization for School Level- 300 words

Short Essay on Globalization for School Level- 300 words

Introductions of globalization

Globalization is the process of becoming unity as a whole world comes under the same path having different cultures and economic systems around the world are becoming connected and sharing with each other because of the influence of large multinational companies and of improved communication.

Globalization is effectively applying all over

Nowadays people do not stay in one place. They travel from one place to another by means of modem traveling. Television, telephone, computers, the internet, magazines, and hundreds of other communications carry and provide lots of things from place to place every minute. Scientific and technological knowledge and finding out limited in a certain area or country. Nothing remains hidden and secret. Because of globalization on people get information of any kind.

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It makes the world the technological geographical land as in every day’s people are inventing the new demo towards the society that directly enhances the nations and helps to make better uses of it. So, the world is moving toward the future the more terms globalization is effectively applying all over.


It has created a similar culture and ideas. All the people in the world have a similar ideology. World brotherhood is growing among ourselves. Globalization may have some advantages. There is not anything that is pure and sacred. Many things are getting mixed. It is difficult to preserve the traditional human. Properties, cultures, etc. There is a vast change in language, lifestyle, even in marriage.
From globalization, people unite culturally, politically and behaviorally. They may have a similar language, thoughts, sees, food, and so on. So, globalization is an unseen power that has made the earth a small global village. Nobody is far away within a click.

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