Short Essay on Hostel Life

Short Essay on Hostel Life

Short Essay on Hostel Life

Many students read in schools from distant places. It is not possible for them to come to school and go back home daily. Therefore they have to live in hostels. Hostel life is the place where the students or the learner tends to get the comfort zone for the studying provided by the respective institutes for staying.

 Life of students in Hostels
In hostels, students have to rise early from bed. some people prefer to warm up physical exercise in the morning which is the best meditate for the body. They take their meals together in a big dining hall.

There is a perusing room with a library in the lodging. Students may read newspapers, books, and magazines there. There is a warden in every hostel. He looks after the students.

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Hostels life is very pleasant. Many students of the same age live there. They help each other in case of need. Students help each other in case of need. They discuss their lessons and can help one another in a matter of study.

Hostels life teaches students the principles of corporate life and makes them a suitable element of society. When students live together they become helpful. This habit removes their narrow-mindedness and makes them helpful and sympathetic to the needs of others.

Hostel’s life has its drawbacks also. They do not get love from their kith and kins so they may fall ill where some students have to live on the same diet. The general diet of a mess is not expected to be rich and wholesome. Another defect is one of the bad associations.

In a hostel, all the students are not of a similar kind of nature. Some of them may not have a good character. Hostel life can vary from person to person but the fact is that the feelings of the family make the hostel life a memorable year for life long. Though the hostel is a good place for studies.

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