How to Write a Short Essay on Patriotism- 600 words

Short Essay on Patriotism- 600 words

Essay on Patriotism-Introductions

PatriotismThe word patriotism means “The love of one’s own country”.It means the love for the land of one’s birth. Patriots love their motherland more than their lives. This love is not created by any artificial method, but it is already deeply rooted in our hearts.
The man who lacks this noble virtue cannot be stated as a living man. Sir Walter Scott, a famous poet, writes :

Breathes  there the man with soul so dead,

Who never to himself hath said

“This is my own, my nearby land !”

Patriotism is one of the noblest passions that exist in the human heart. It is the best virtue (quality) of men. It is a noble feeling of the mind and is the virtue that urges a man to do all he can for the good of his country. And it is just that a man should love his country. His country can say to him, “I have done all I could for you; What have you done for me ?” To esteem, our country, along these lines, is our most blessed commitment.

Patriotisms love for Nation

       There is a saying that the mother and motherland are more superior even to heaven. Most people do not like external interference. Most men are ready to sacrifice their own interests for the good of the country. A narrow-minded man can’t adore his local nation. Patriotism is a noble sentiment. It fills us with pride at its achievements, past or present. Under its influence man has done most heroic deeds. The history of the world is full of examples of persons who bore innumerable hardships for the sake of their motherland and finally got a victory in the achievement of their aim.
      Patriots are love, praising and respect by all. They are immortal. Countrymen worship them. All over the world, they are honoring and loving. There were many patriots in every nation like Balbhadra, Bhimsen Thapa, Bhakti Thapa, Wallace and Bruce, Mazzini and Garibaldi, Rana Pratap and Shivaji are some households name. History is replete with glorious illustrations of patriotism. Though they are dead and gone, their names to this day fill us with drills and inspire us with the noblest feelings of love for the country.
       One of the finest Illustrations of patriotism is the story of Regulus. patriots people fought for the nations, they did not let the foreigners captured their motherland. They sacrificed everything for the freedom of the country. A person without patriotism is always hated and called selfish. He thinks about only himself. He may be born of a noble and rich family, but he never forgets with time. In his life, he looks unhappy, nobody lament for him and sings in his death.

Sacrificing life for Nations- Conclusions

       Patriotism should be developed among schoolboys. This can be secure and protect by observing as holidays, the days when great national heroes, warriors, and statesmen died. Visits should be made to historical buildings and institutions should be associated with the names and deeds of true patriots.
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      A true patriot loves his country purely and passionately and even gives his life in its services. He thinks nothing of his own honor and glory. He remains faithful to his country to the last. The true patriot loves other nations and gladly recognizes their virtues and achievements. He will love peace and hate war. True patriotism is a great virtue of which anybody should be proud. Every one of us can do something for the good of the country.

      Patriotism can be display in every aspect of life, on the battlefield, in literature, in social services, and in making generous contributions to the national funds. Patriotism does not make us narrow-minded and bigoted. On the other hand, it makes us just to every other nation. It raises us above petty personal and family interests, teaches us to sacrifice our all at the alter of our motherland. It should be our main concern to upload the honor of our country.

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