Short Essay on the Contribution of private school in Nepal

Short essay on the contribution of a private school in Nepal:


Short essay on the contribution of private school in the education of Nepal
Short essay on the contribution of private school in Nepal

A private school means a school that is running or mobilizing by the trades of student’s parents and receives no money from the government is the private schools. At tuition-based schools, guardians pay cash for the training of the understudies. Privates schools are also independent schools. A government school or community school is funded by the government.

Private school’s facts:

The present condition of private school towns like Kathmandu, Biratnagar, Lalitpur, Dharan, Itahari, etc is very good. They have their own private buildings. Their schools are full of modern types of equipment. They have good teachers. They give priority to those persons who are good at their subjects matter. These schools provide their students with many kinds of facilities.

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Privates schools in the village are not so good. They only have schools to make money. Students who study in privates schools become very competitive and laborious. Students get involved in many activities. NO parents worry about their children because they are laden with a load of exercise and they cannot go anywhere. Fees in private schools are high. General individuals can’t consider sending their youngsters there. Most of the parents are satisfied by sending their children to government schools. In the government schools, students can carry their books as their own bearing capacity but in the privates schools, students are forced to carry all the books that are educate┬áby instructors as carefully with discipline on the off chance that they overlook, which is substantially more than their body weight.

Conclusions :

Private school students read in fear of discipline. They scarcely have some leisure time. The Village private school teachers are not so practical, trained and competitive students are forced to learn by heart. In spite of strictness and highly expensive in comparison to government schools, private schools have played an important and vital role in educating most of the people. Its education system is unquestionable and incomparable. It has given a good contribution in developing the skill and great sense of humor manpower to the nation.

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