Short Essay on the Dignity of Labour for Students- 200 words

Short Essay on the Dignity of Labour for students – 200 words

Dignity of Labour

The dignity of Labour means respecting the work. A nation can not prosper, materially if the people are not laborious .labour is the source of the power of the nation. The material and economic prosperity of a country depending on the progress of its agriculture, educations, industry, and trade.

Dignity as honesty

Nowadays educated people more skillful and are more laborious to their duties and are ready to take any type of job whenever the demands arise. They are attracted to work in newly opened factories, offices, etc. Every must labor to earn their bread instead of being a burden to others.

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We should regard work as worship. The great people always respect the dignity of one’s idealism and preached about the dignity of labor. We can attain salvation through work. An ordinary laborer has dignity because she/he earns her or his bread honestly with the sweat of his brow.


If we establish more opportunities for the people who are more loyal and truest in their labor which can be possible by opening more vacancies in mills, businesses and, factories, so we can provide more jobs to the people. Young men can do all sorts of laborious work.

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