Short essay on the Museum-300 words

Short essay on the Museum-300+ words


The Museum-The The word Museum means “the institution that cares or conserves the artifacts and other objects that have the social norms and values of generations”. The museum is a building or the historical places where the objects of artistic, historical, cultural, or scientific interest are kept safely for the protection of the nation’s cultures, traditions and they are shown to the public. A museum is a place for rare things.

museums carry historical norms and values

The museum is such a place where history speaks out. It is the place where the ancient people show their contributions by the term innovations and inventions. There are many good museums in the world. The British Museum, National Museum of Nepal, Louvre Museum in France are some examples of the museum. Various kinds of things are preserved there. Many places have been dug for archaeological purposes. The things found underground speak about the developments of ancient times.

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Historians gain much knowledge from these relics. The geologists derive many benefits from them, people can learn and develops the skills and arts much about the men and animals that lived in ancient times. The museum is a living storehouse. It gives us many things to read, understand and know.

The museum is a storehouse of knowledge about various things is increasing. For example, we can know how the ancients people are being civilized and we can know how coal has been formed. We can also know that long, long ago there were big animals, but they are now extinct. we can learn the past of their art, literature, industry, architecture, agriculture, and various other things of ancient times.


Now there are many museums everywhere in the world. People should visit museums in large numbers. It helps the nations and the government to spread and widen education about their ancients contributions and helps for the proper development among the common people in the world.

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