Short Essay on the National Unity and its Importance-450+ words

Short Essay on the National Unity and its Importance-450+ words


National unity is a great virtue. It is the unity of the people or the citizen of a country in needy time. It is also the reflection of patriotism. patriotic people never quarrel with each other. They are always eager to offer something for the prosperity of the nation.
National unity is vital and the most important factor role of every citizen for the development of a country. On the off chance that they completely have confidence in self-supporting and really meet up or join with one another, at that point they can successfully build up the nation.

Meaning of the National unity

It considers as a great strength. It can’t weak, by any power. A large portion of the countries on the planet getting ground-breaking and prosperous by the ideals of national solidarity. It assumes a fundamental job in safeguarding human rights. on the off chance that individuals join together, they love and co-work with one another. The love and love towards the homeland, feeling, and plan of fellowship can be developed among the individuals by the uprightness of national solidarity.

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In the event that individuals join together, there isn’t any separation between them. They feel that the progress of the nation is their own progress and will eager to do what is need to develop the nation.

They always work for the nation. There will be no antagonistic vibe between the individuals since they have a mutual feeling on the off chance that they are joined together. Their selfishness will be removed from their minds. They are ready to sacrifice themselves for the nation, our brave forefathers could save our motherland because of their unique national unity, patriotism, and sacrifice which is the true meaning of national unity.

Unity means Taking out the Discriminations

National unity can strengthen and erect by taking out the discriminations, injustice, inequality, and social evils from the society. Removal of selfness and hate between the citizens and develop the feelings of we are the basic requirement to build up national unity. The evil traditions which classify the people into different social groups should weaken and wipe out to strengthen all the citizens. If they understand it, they certainly love the enhancement of national unity.

Importance of National unity

National unity should be the common goal of every people which is the prime virtue of a prosperous country. As we know the feeling of Unity in people that makes great and challenging plans successful. Therefore, Every Student and the citizens should know the importance of national unity for the prosperity and dignity of the nation. So that, all the political parties, leaders, social organizations, and government bodies should play a significant role to strengthen the feeling and practice of national unity among the people belonging to various social and religious groups.

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