Short Essay on Village Life for Students and Children

Short Essay on Village Life for Students and Children


 Village life refers to the life of the people living as small groups sharing their common feeling towards the native lands. The life of villagers is quite different in comparison to the rural areas of life. Village life means the area of finding proper peace and quiet sanitations places.  

Life of people in the village

   The villagers have health but no wealth but its wealth is the feeling of unity.  They have quality however they have no culture. The villagers are simple. They believe in unnecessary things so, they know no acts of cunningness and most of the villagers are god-fearing and not man-fearing. At present, the conditions of the life of the people living in villages are gloomy. There are many problems in the villages.

The villagers are poor, backward, ignorant, and superstitious. Most of the villagers have no basic things like good roads, schools, and hospitals. The state of town schools isn’t good. Moreover, the villagers don’t understand the importance of education. An activity, mainly agriculture. They do not know how to be healthy.

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Some solutions to problems faced by the villagers-Conclusion 

   Villagers’ life for their welfare, the Government and the local bodies should organize good programs. Education known as human rights so by establishing more primary and secondary schools and provides equal educations to all. Make the learning and teachings both compulsory and free. Other types of industries should be restored properly way so that it doesn’t affect others developing and agriculture should be modernized as by modern technology and science.

All villagers get educated regarding their learning skills and ability with proper hygiene and teaching them the scientific method of cultivation. Every block should have a hospital or a primary health center for priding medical aids to the villagers. Rural banking should be set up for financial assistance to the village people. They are so superstitious that, they do many bad things out of ignorance. but also somehow the village is changing and progressing continuously.

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