Short Essay On Youth for Students and Children

Short Essay On Youth for Students and Children


   Youths are those people who are eligible and capable of carrying the burden for the nation’s development. We can call it the backbone of nations as the manpower of infrastructure and communications of the nations as it is the golden period of life. Since the growth of the country lies in all the recruitment of new forces, largely young, the youth section ought to act as a nursery of the radical up bring of people who come into the movement.

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  Historically the section of student childhood has been the organized and dynamic social force. Their involvement in mass democratic political activities and quest for radical theory and grasp for all the primacy of organization are typical characteristics of the process of involving our childhood in battle. The generation occupies a place in the atmosphere. The youth forms the section of the movement and they struggle for their cause and develop and become stronger in the battle once they join the battle of the working class.

The government should invest more in the youths because most of the youths in developing countries spend a lot of cash on drugs and after that look for ways to make money illegally. Family and personal issues lead to kids who don’t take care of issues. 

The addicts find it impossible to control the consumption of drugs, as a consequence of which they fail to fulfill the everyday responsibilities in an efficient manner. So, from the family, society and nations must care about the nature of present youths, if we organize welfare programs for the then it brings them face to face with the oppressors and this teaches them lessons in course instruction which is good for the nation.

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