Short Paragraph on a Morning Walk for Students and Children

Short Paragraph on a Morning Walk for Students and Children

A Morning Walk

A morning walk means walking in the morning for the physical fitness that is a type of exercise that benefits directly to the human body. The nature and environment in the morning is very soulful, pure, and divine, and walking in the morning makes the human body as complete as the state of meditation and peace.

The morning walk time is very pleasant and encouraging. Nature is at its best and in its perfect shapes. The air is very cool, fresh, and fragrant. A walk in the green grass or we can say near the trees or the forest which outside the town at such a time is indeed very refreshing and energetic. It is a healthy, inexpensive and more valuable exercise. Those who are in bed at this hour are lazy and doll. I take my morning walk and running regularly. I get up between 4-5 a.m and make for the green ground which is at a distance of about 5-6 minutes away from my home.

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We all the friends as soon as we enter the ground or the park , a new life, as it were, springs up within us. The pearly dew-drops on the leaves of trees and the blades of green grass and the fragrant blooming flowers send a thrill of joy and freshness in us. The birds rest on the branches of trees sings a beautiful notes.

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Screaming birds fly overhead and butterflies flit about. I enjoy the fresh and open air for the couples of hour and take some light exercise and we play the football.

A morning walk is not just about to have the walk and do some exercise, it is the way of having the positive thoughts in our minds. It brings the peace and humbleness to one who have done the morning walk with positive thoughts. A morning walk for us is, we played the football in the morning by cooperating with each other as showing the value of togetherness and uniting others feeling as a companion. There after the match we came to home and I take a bath and offer prayers to the Almighty. I, then, listen to music for sometimes and begin my days work with a fresh mind and a joyful heart. 

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