Short Paragraph on Reading Habits for Books Lover

Short Paragraph on Reading Habits for Books Lover

Reading Habits

Reading habits is the process or habits where the readers or users tends to do reads books almost every day. Limbu is the man who possess the habit of reading books from his childhood. Through the process of reading the books, he has secured a life-long source of pleasure,happiness, instruction, and inspiration for a good human being. As long as he is in the attach of books, he never feels lonely and bored. They are his best friends , guides and motivations.

Books stand by him through thick, thin, and paper, which are the treasure-house of knowledge and carriers of civilization and the humanity. It is the books or the knowledge that show him the true path of life. He who reads books comes to know the thoughts of great minds and philosophy. Books lead him into the company of great aurthors and writers of all countries and of all ages.

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Books tells about the latest updates in the science, arts, and literature. They are his most faithful and truthful talk to them. They never get angry or undesire to converse, as his friends sometimes are. No surprise, he who reads books becomes a ‘book – lover and care’. A well-known poet says about books:
       My never-failing friends are they,
        With whom I converse night and day.

School teachers have a important and vital role to play in motivating their students and children to read literature and works other than text-books. It must get important to hold seminars on reading habits at school and in the library for who loving books. Four things are essential for a sound reading habit– listening, speaking, reading, and writing. Everyone must find time for reading good books.

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