Short Paragraph on the Blue Sheep-150+words

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Short Paragraph on the Blue Sheep-150+words

Blue sheep as the name indicates is a species of sheep that appears pale blue during winter. It is found in the mountainous regions of Nepal, India, Bhutan, and China. The color of the upper parts of its body is brownish-grey.
The average height of the male Blue sheep is three feet at the level of the shoulder.

Short Paragraph on the Blue Sheep-150+words
Short Paragraph on the Blue Sheep

It weighs from 35 to 75 kg. The female Blue sheep is much smaller in size than the male. The ram(Male sheep) has horns of about 80 centimeters in length curved towards the end. But the length of the ewe(female sheep) horns is about 20 cms. The size of the horns indicates their age and strength.

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The Blue sheep are good climbers as they live in the high altitudes of mountains. They ascend to the high altitudes in summer and descend in winter. The Blue sheep eat grass, moss, and very small shrubs.
One important feature of the Blue Sheep is that they usually stand motionless in the face of danger. Apart from man, the snow leopard is their main enemy.

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