Short Paragraph on the Radio for students - 250+ words

Short Paragraph on the Radio for students – 250+ words

The Radio

The radio is one of the wonders of modern science and is the means of communication. Marconi, the Father of Wireless, has done remarkable services to mankind. It is consider a household necessity today. Its most important use is entertainment. We get all types of music on our radio sets. But film music is very popular. There are skits and radio plays.

It gives us information on world events. We get the latest news on the radio. There are running commentaries on sports and games especially Test matches and football and other sports too. There are special programmes for children, women, and farmers. They get useful information through these programmes. Common people get much information about market conditions and the weather. Talks and lectures on important current literacy, economic and educational topics are broadcast. People teach, how to remove social evils and to follow hygienic methods. In Nepal, radio can play an important role in solving the problems of mass literacy and rural uplift.

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Radio is the technology that most of the ancient incidents were mostly depends on it. It’s the radio that makes every necessary person as useful instruments. Due to its portability, every man can carry the radio from one place to another without any burden.
Radio that makes the local culture and traditions can be preserved for future generations so that new generations can learn the importance and value of the religions through the means of the radio. So, Radio is the most valuable instruments for the spreading of the information

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