Story on the friendship between Sangam and Dibas-500+words

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Story on the friendship between Sangam and Dibas-500+words

Sangam and Dibas Frienship

It was the summer season and the day was so hot. The city called the Pathari- Sanischare was quite in the developing phase. Once from that town two young boys name Sangam and Dibas were reading in the same college.
They had a plan to have a vacation trip in the summer leave. So they both decided to go for the forest trips for one week to view the natural beauty and have some cool periods on those hot days.
They collected all their necessary material and clothes for the vacations. For the vacations, they even had not told their parents. They just told them that they were going to their friend’s house for vacation. They also make promised to help each other in a difficult time when it came.
Story on the friendship between Sangam and Dibas-500+words
Story on the friendship between Sangam and Dibas-500+words


In the forest, both were enjoying a lot with the cool temperature in the forest and mostly the beauty of nature mesmerized both of them. While they were walking the forest they saw a beautiful river nearby the forest. They planned to go through the river to have more exciting and enjoying nature. So they make a small bamboo boat for river rafting.
Now both of them were loaded their bags on the boat and ride on the boat. They were enjoying the river rafting so much but soon the boat speed is increasing as the river is getting more rafting and turning. During the rafting, their boat got stuck in the stone and some they adjust to stay on the stone side with the fast river flow. Dibas somehow rich the riverside land area.
When he tried to save the Sangam, the river blew away the Sangam from that stone. By seeing those incidents Dibas gets worried and tense for his friend. He walks along the riverside to find his friend but he did not find him. During Dibas searching for his friend he found the fisherman and was rescued by them and take to their village.
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Fisherman also helped the Dibas to find his friend and search the most of area in the forest but they didn’t get him. So, the fisherman said to Dibas that your friend would not survive in that dense forest. On another side, the Sangam waked up in the riverside after 2 days passed.
When he wakes up, he immediately called his friend loudly but he got no response. So he tried to move to the riverside upward to find his friend. Its been a long day since he had been in the forest.
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Friendship as Hope

Sangam was full of hunger and pain in the body due to not getting the proper rest and sleep. Dibas still had the hope that his friend is alive in the forest but he can’t find him. It’s been a long 2 weeks that his friend lost.
Sangam was walking by the riverside so that he could see his friend if he was coming for in searching. It’s the hope that his friend might come to search in any conditions. Similarly, Dibas was very optimistic in searching for his friend so he went for a search by the riverside.
While searching Dibas was calling his friend from the boat with some rescue fisherman. Sangam heard his friend’s voice calling his name but he was unable to reply back because of the lack of energy. His voice can make a loud sound, he feels so inhuman that he can’t do anything to give a response.
Now Dibas had lost his hope to see his friend alive so other fishermen also lost their hope, so they are planned to return back.
Sangam saw all these activities far away from them but his voice still can’t reach him. The boat was returning, Sangam with his all force he stands up by his legs and raising his hand.
The boat was about to the turning point of that area. Very far away Dibas saw a black shadow-type man beside the riverside who was hardly raising his body to get some help. By seeing his friend Sangam, Dibas was so happy and immediately turn back the boat.
Story on the friendship between Sangam and Dibas-500+words
Story on the friendship between Sangam and Dibas-500+words
Now, they got the Sangam and return back to the village. The whole village people and fisherman were surprised that Sangam survived in such a dense forest without food and water. From that onward Sangam and Diba’s friendship becomes more reliable and ethical.
Moral:- So it is not important how many friends you made, the more important is how many genuine and good friends you have made. Because a good friend will always stand by your side in any difficult time.
If you have a friend like that then you can create a strong bond between you and can feel the need for a friend. So, wish you all have such great friend in your life.

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