Sweet Essay on My Country Nepal My Land - 500 words

Sweet Essay on My Country Nepal My Land – 500 words

Introductions – My country Nepal

My country Nepal is located between India and china in south Asia. The total area of my country is 147181 sqm. it is a landlocked country. Nepal is a small country but there is geographic diversity.It is wealthy in common assets and culture. We know that Nepal is the second-largest country in water resources after brazil in the world. The main rivers are Koshi, Gandaki, and Karnali. Different types of minerals and forests are also found in Nepal.

Foods in Nepal 

The snow-covered mountains and cliffs that flow the rivers which add beauty in nature. There are many caves, lakes, green, forest and so on. They attract tourists. It is rich in scenic beauty. The main attraction of our country Nepal is the tourist area and the temple area. The tourist mostly visited the Pokhara, Manang-Mustang, Kathmandu, Dharan, Janakpur, etc and many other mountainous regions. The uniqueness of country Nepal is that it is mostly famous for the foods like gundruk, thakali-khana, sukuti and many more. In terms of foods, my country Nepal’s has many types of dishes that are highly balance or I can say that my country Nepal is also foody country. My country people’s most similar behave is that ” No matter how poor you are but have a sweet food to eat”. We are still lacking in savings earnings for the future, mostly utilize in food which is the drawbacks of this country.

Famous Facts/ Pride of Nepal

My nation Nepal has seven states with the 77 locale district. The national anthem song” saiyu thunga fulka hami eutai mala Nepali” was written by Pradip Kumar rai (byakul maila) , music composer and singer Amber Gurung. One of the major points of this country Nepal is that the Gautam Buddha was born in Nepal in Lumbini and the natural beauty of it. It is the most wonderful country for tourist to visit here because our country is a very small country with the lovely and honest people here and makes very safe and sound to travel around the beauty of Nepal.

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Nepal is also know as the Mountainous country or the rich in geographical regions as we have eight highest mountains in it like Mount Everest, Kanchenjunga, Lhotse, Makalu, Cho Oyu, Dhaulagiri I, Manaslu and Anapurna I.  Also famous because of its political instability due to which the public faces the many problems. It is just like the small land between the big giant country with the nature that makes it more unique and different from others so makes it more pride than any others in this world.

City of Temples- Nepal

The people who live in Nepal are from different castes and religions which follows the different traditions and cultural values. As we know that Nepal is know as a Hindu country, follow by other religions like Buddhists, Christians, kirats, Islam, etc. They celebrate different festivals and they have their own mother-tongue language. Our main food is daal bhat . More than 80% of the people are engage in agriculture. Only a few people work in factories, offices, businesses, etc. Kathamandu is our capital city which is also known as a city of temples.

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