Sweet Essay on The Equity of Women’s- 400+ words/ Women’s rights

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Sweet Essay on The Equity of Women’s- 400+ words/ Women’s rights:


  The Equity of women’s– Men and women are the two wheels of a cart or two sides of a coin.  In the absence of any of them, the family, the society of the world cannot run properly. Everyone admits that men and women are equally important. women cover half of the stay. however, women are not equal in our society.

Thinking women’s limitations within the four walls of the house

It is often found that males have upper hands in every activity in society. Women are made backward from household activities to politics. They are supposed to be the weaker sex. They treat as inferior to men. In some offices, they are not giving good job opportunities. Males have the traditional concept of thinking that women are not perfect and capable of doing things. Therefore, males want to limit women within the four walls of the house. Women suppose to be dolls in the hands of men and the means of producing children.

If the women educate then whole nations educate

Women should not consider weak. But the present condition of women has been changed. They are aware of their rights and freedom. They are not limited to the four walls. Women have now become leaders, scientists, astronomers, presidents, etc. One important way to bring equality is to make women educated. In most parts of our country, many women are illiterate. So they are traditional. If the women are educated, they can teach the whole family and educate, women can understand anything better than the uneducated ones.

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Education is the only thing that can bring equality. Therefore, a women’s literacy program should conduct by the government. More schools giving priority to the girls should be opened. The government should bring a good policy for equality or equity for women.

Live as an equal generation- Conclusions

Society runs very well when two opposite sexes are equal(the equity of women) the society will be really ideal. And the country can develop very well. Society must give priority to the dreams of girls and women as like that of the boys or men. They can lose against each other but listen world, they are not here to win or lose they are here to live as an equal generation. So, when making the rules, Please make the same rules for both the men and women, not the way you were raised and raise but the way they were born for.

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  1. i like that way how you think about women saying that they are not there for win or loose they are here for the equality rights what men gets in the society and it’s true even now aswell in this world women are fighting of equal chance and rights what men are getting .


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