Sweet Essay on the Uses of Internet 800+ Words

Uses of an Internet

Introductions  to internet

Uses of an Internet-The word “Internet” stands for the “International Network”. In other sense it is the ocean of knowledge or books of library on the space floor.

It connects the whole population all over the world. Internet is the term that globally systems that connects the network and other devices to communicate between them.  In the present era, life cannot be imagine or run without the internet. It makes our daily lives easy and fast. Due to the internet people are doing the multiple work living in their own home.

Internet as the Useful Source

Internet now becoming the major platform in providing the various types of digital knowledge where people can do many more things and learn about the digitizing systems in their own interest in the respective subjects.

It is the source where the people can access their skills and knowledge in the internet and it is the open source for any age group of the mankind without the limitations and the bound as it is free of cost.


  It evolves the lots of innovations in our society or social being. Now, everything has gone to online base. It is the networks where users can get information, ideas, creativity, etc from any other computers at any time at any locations.

One of the modern scientific discoveries, that has changed the mode of human life, is the Internet. It is widely use for various purposes. Nowadays the majority of the people are the users of the internet due to its usability, easy accessibility, and efficiency. Uses of an internet

The uses of Internet has been a great advantage. It is a huge source of information. It is far greater than an encyclopedia.  We can find information about anything we want to know if we explore it properly. There are numerous websites, such as Google, Ask, etc. from where we can obtain any information we like.

Uses of an internet can use in teaching-learning processes as well. Nowadays we can find any e-books and journals which have made it economical for the readers to read directly the e-materials rather than the printed materials.

Internet as Time-saving

Moreover, the Internet can be used for the purpose of business, too we can find many online shopping websites, which are the forms of modern-day businesses. In fact business through the Internet is very economical, as there is no need for shops and showrooms. The image of products is directly update on the websites. The interested customers check the products and their description the customers came order the goods they want and get these goods at their door. Thus, business through the Internet has proved to be useful to both the sellers and the buyers as it is economical and time-saving.

Darkside of Internet

Internet as the global network for communications but with the good deeds it also has some bad effects in human life too. Where the disadvantages mainly concern with the users concern in the what they seeking for. As we know that, if you give time for value in life you will get the knowledge and skills but some youth generations in this present days loss their valuable time and energy with unusual activities in the internet. All the information found in the internet is not 100% true, there is also lot of wrong information that harms the personal information as by illegal activities. Some youth are easily habits by the Pornography and desire for mental careless too.

Internet can be overused and misused

The use of the Internet is not limited to this. we can find vast usages of the internet for various purposes as well. It has been a means of connecting people. Various social networking sites like Facebook, messenger like yahoo and g-mail, and applications like Skype, Viber, WhatsApp, etc. Have made this task easy. Despite the wide range of applications and advantages, the internet owns come dark sides, too.

The uses of internet poses a threat to information security because of hacker’s activities. Similarly, some of the important e-books cannot be purchased by the students of under developing countries due to their low possessing purchasing capacity whereas students from developed countries easily afford them which is truly inequitable.

Moreover, the overuse of the Internet invites many health problems, such as eye problems, overweight gain, back problems, etc. Some internet addicts are so engaged the internet that they even forget their necessary tasks. Thus, the Internet can be both overused and misused by some users.


The invention of the Internet has provided us with a huge range of usages advantages. But it has some limitations, too. It makes our lives more and more useful in many ways as well as interesting. The over usage of internet is bad for the health that directly effects the mental, physical, and social life too. So, we must use it for our own welfare. if it is used for the right purpose, it is surely advantageous.

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