The best essay on a walk by the riverside

The best essay on a walk by the riverside


  – Walking on the bank of a river in the morning or the evening is very refreshing and invigorating. The fresh breezes coming from the river imparts health and life and refreshes the mind. A sort of obscure quiet and harmony appears to side into one’s spirit. It was a pleasant evening. I wish some of my friends made the river to enjoy a walk. While walking along the bank, we enjoyed the dance of the ripples on the surface of the river. The fish were sporting and the aquatic birds were swimming and diving for their prey. All this was, indeed, a charming sight.

Lovely bushes were growing all around. The tall trees waving their branches to and fro. The boats were gliding smoothly on the surface of the river. All this made us enchanted. We saw beautiful red flowers in the corner of a field. They looked beautiful as they danced in the breeze.

Ten thousand saw I initially,

Hurling their heads in buoyant move,

The waves next to them moved, yet they

exceeded the shining waves in happiness.

Now the sun began to set. It looked like a big ball of the fire setting the whole landscape ablaze with its glowing copper-like light. The river rolled on like molten lava of gold. The trees, the plants, the bushes were lit up with a golden glow. The whole landscape became captivating and held us in its grip for some time. The clouds were colored with gold and purple, and all the beautiful colors of the rainbow.
The night set in and the darkness began to envelop all objects. We returned home full of rich and varied impressions.

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