The best Essay on Good Manners for students

The best Essay on Good Manners for students – 1000+ words


Good Manners– The term ‘Good’ refers to the ‘giving satisfaction’ with a manner as ‘mode of life’ or ‘style’. We the human being are a social animal, it describes that we are socializing and capable of anything in this world than other animals. Good manners make Socializing which means that we all have some manners so we can survive in nature by nurturing and caring. A human being must have good manners in nature because we are social animals having great and high intelligence in the mother earth.

How Good manners are important for life

A person who has good manners is respect and love by all. The manners of people good if they are polite, good citizens and show good behaviors to other people. These people are like, praising, honoring and loving by everybody everywhere. Even a good looking boy or girl must possess good manners and only look handsome and beautiful because its the things that describe the human’s naturalist or nature otherwise they are hate or dislike.

Good manners should be teaching to students from an early age. We should show good manners at home, at school, in the playing ground, temple and every place and whatever be the condition or situation.

Good manners should be taught at home because teachers are teaching as a teacher, not as a parent and we all know parents are the root to teach their kids a manner as a branch of a tree. A mother should right manners for the society from childhood. They should teach their children every basic manner that is using in their daily lives, like saying “Thank you” when any helps receives, say “Sorry” when they make mistakes, “Greetings and Respecting” the elder person, “Loving” the younger people, etc.

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Good manners for students

When students are at schools, they are taught good behaviors, morality, values of time, honesty, co-operation, friendship, good habits, etc. If the children are good manners, they can be good-mannered in the later stage too. Good manners are of great value, in my view, it is the great heir for the parents to their children. It is the manners that make the students who they are by their hearts.

It is just like the law and principle in any organizations that help to run smoothly, without the good manners in children and students than they do not possess a discipline in their life. Without good manners, it would make their more struggle and stress full in them.  

As the morning shows the day in the same way, if the children are well-mannered and disciplined at the early stage, they can be good and great people in the future. People with good manners can get help in their any days. Generally, it is seen and found that educated people are good mannered than the uneducated ones.

People love and care with good manners

Good manner is also helpful for  all learners and students. It is also important in social life in contributing our efforts for society. Many people, they don’t follow the rule of the nature and man makes that type of mistakes so, people are don’t get the good consequence. Good manners gives good results in life. We should take the responsibility and duties in our society with better and peace life..

Good manner is the way of life that help in making and finding the good person around us. It is also useful in health area because if a person who wakes up early in the morning  he goes to playing, running and different types of physical exercise are also include in good manner.

Good manner provide the good results but some people they does not posses good habits they cannot get good results. The children and young man who use the word please and thank you these type of world  also include in the good manner. The people who says good manner is good aspect of the individual life but I think the good manner is also include all the living beings like dog, cat, other animals so perform the good manner these type of animals are loving by every people with like and love

Good manners helps in taking the good decisions

If a man who have good manner he/she  always gets respect, love and makes friends. Nowadays people are live alone with internet in this condition he enjoy the alone because they gets the good texts with positive thoughts. It finds the good opportunity in many working area, because it is good for their company.

So, people like them and they call them. Friendship with others is one of the best quality of good manners, loving the elder and respecting younger are parts of it. So, good manner provides every time good days and knowledgeable things so it is useful for us. It protect their bad habits if a person who have a good  friend he always gain the good things but if he/she have not good friend he/ she never learn about good  manners and directing to the bad sequence of their life.

Good manner should be the most important factor to progress in our life for the betterment of social being. It teaches us, the right way and wrong way and good manner always gives right decision and direction.


It has many benefits and is important in personality development. if people keep a good company, they learn good manners and if they keep the bad company they learn bad manners. If there is,  absence of good manners then the people get many and several difficulties and troubles in their lives. They lose companies, jobs, social interaction, and friends as well as neighbors. So, Good manners in life are like taking a breathe so that we can survive in peace without any problems in life and Good manners people can live a meaningful and good life.

Hope you too have a good manners in living the organic life.

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