the Camel and the Jackal

The Camel and the Jackal : short Story with Moral


The Camel and the Jackal – Once there lived, in a forest, a camel and a jackal. They were great friends. But the jackal was very cunning and often tried to fool his companion. One day the jackal had an idea for having the fruits and said to the camel, “ Let us have a sweet meal of melons fruits found across the river. So the jackal asked the camel to carry on his back.” The camel was curious and agreed.

Soon they reached the field of melons. The jackal had his fill in a short time and began to howl. ”The farmers will come and beat us.” “ I am sorry, friend, “said the Jackal, “It is my habit to howl after taking my meal.” So he howled all the louder. The farmer came running with sticks. The jackal hid himself in a thick bush, but the camel could not hide. The farmer gave him a sound beating and drove him out of the fields.

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The jackal came out of his hiding place. The camel carried him on his back. They had to cross back the same stream. When they were in the mid-stream, the camel began to roll. “ What are doing, friend?” cried the jackal. “ For God’s sake, do not do that, or I will be drowned.” “ But I am sorry, friend,” replied the camel, “ it is my nature to roll in water after having my fill.” So he rolled and the jackal was drowned.

Moral : Your bad evils to others will come to you one day, as  a Karma. So, always have a good deeds with others and also Never try to fool others for your goods.

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