The Computer in Modern Life for students and children

the computer in modern life
computer in modern life


A computer is an electronic machine that can store or save the data, organize and find information, do calculations, and control other machines according to the instructions. PCs are currently part of our day by day lives. The people who love the computer for the proper functions for their work mostly talk about its usefulness in business, in education, and in the home.

Computers interconnected with the world

Computers are the most important gadgets that its functions are various, we can do our accounts on them, learn languages from them, write letters on them, use them to control our central heating, etc.  It is clear that all human work solve by computers due to which they will also bring more leisure for social beings because more and more unpleasant jobs are taken over by computerized robots. This is the age of the computer. Through a computer network, we can send e-mail letters and have access to the internet. These days information and data network has made the whole world interconnected with each other. Their wide use proves how significant they have been in our lives today.

However, computers also have some negative impacts on modern living. We become dependent on the machine and make our life mechanical and unnatural. It is the machine that limits our creativity and interest. People who mostly spend all their time doing some computers work for other needs will forget how to talk to each other. Too much use of computers also affects negatively the health of the user. People lose their eye-sight. Children get computers addict as they more on it. They bring unemployment. Man feels monotonous.

Computers are used for various purposes in many fields. In the modern 21st  century we cannot imagine the world without computers. It has been our vital part of our life. Now, it has been no computers, no life.

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