The Growing use of Computer in students and children life

The Growing Use Of Computer in Students and children life.


According to Wikipedia, the word computer means “A computer is a machine that can be instructed to carry out a sequence of arithmetic or logical operations automatically via computer programming “. A PC is an electronic machine that can store, sort out, and discover data, do estimations, and control different machines. The computer can be fed with a set of instructions to perform a specific application. It can then operate to solve the desire problems.

Students are able to learn modern

         The computer helps students in many ways. The use of computers in this modern world is growing day by day. It makes the availability of resources easily through the Internet. To store data or upload them is useful for students. Computers collect various data. They are used in calculations and figures. The balance sheets, games, programmers of different kinds are all prepared on in a short time and with accuracy. Thus they save physical and mental labor.

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It helps us automate various tasks that cannot be done manually. Helping us to organize data and information in a better way. It may be our handy book and helps in solving the problem faster than any human being. It has speed, storage, reliability, consistency, and communication. Using the Internet it helps to find useful information. Due to the computer students are able to develop the technical skills and with the practice, they become more eligible to compete with the modern world challenge. Students are able to learn modern education according to the needs of the current society.


         Apart from the advantage mentioned above, the computer may also have some disadvantages: It can totally destroy anyone’s social life. It may affect the destruction of eyesight due to radiation. It may damage our students. Too much time in front of the monitor may damage our studies. Too much time in front of the monitor may have an adverse effect on eyesight, students can use obscene films, photos and they may destroy their private life. If there were no computers in our life than the whole world can be out of order. We cannot think of it. Is it a good companion for us we have to handle it seriously.

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