The king and the Spider

The king and the Spider short story with Moral 300+ words

The king and the Spider – Long, long ago, England and Scotland were two separate countries. The conflict between these two countries was that Scotland’s land was captured by England so to regain Scotland’s places as an independent country these two countries were at war with each other. The English king invaded Scotland and conquered it. Robert Bruce who was a great patriot wanted to free his country. He fought many a battle but was defeated.

He fled from his country and hid in a cave. He thought of giving up the struggle. Just then he saw a spider fall down from its cobweb. He turned to see what the spider would do. The spider tried to get back into the cobweb. It made nine attempts. But each time it fell down back down into the cobweb. It made nine brave attempts. But each time it fell down. Even then, it didn’t lose heart and tried once again. This time it got into the cobweb. By seeing this Bruce was filled with hope.

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He in his mind playing the word of hope and said, “If a spider tries for reaching a goal then why can’t I?” He went back to Scotland. He collected a large army and fought against the English. He defeated them and freed his country from the English yoke.

Moral:- It is the story that every individual and every social being should learn about the importance of trying from this story. The story that tells the people about the never gives up thoughts in our minds in the difficult times too. Whenever the person in a state of losing or defeat, he/she should always stand as the sun will rise in the hope of a win. It is the faith that develops in the person who is ready to face the obstacle and problems that is just the number to be changed in mind until you achieve your goal.

So, just try and try again

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