The look through the goggles- 400+words | short story

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The look through the goggles- 400+words | short story

Here in this blog, I am trying to convince the short story that is more related to hypothetical if it is accidentally matched in some of your life than it may just a coincident. The story is about the man wearing the goggles. I know it may seem unusual and everybody is wearing it but sometimes the reasons here I mentioned is different so go for it. The story is related to two characters Mamata and Jenisha. Mamata expressing the story-

I exactly don’t know the cause of my antipathy(dislike) for the people who put on goggles. But it has been with me since my college days. I see them as wicked-natured people. I know my concepts and thoughts have no logic in them, still, I can’t help feeling so.

Jenisha, my college friend, and I always go to the office by local bus and come back together. It’s becoming the usual day for us. As we know, nowadays, it is not safe for young ladies like us to travel alone for long-distance. But, for the last week, I have been traveling alone as Jenisha is sick.

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I left my office early a hurried away to catch the local return bus for my village. Although I was early at the bus stand the bus seems to be packed with full passengers in it. Somehow, I managed a seat. The bus started in time.
I was thinking about Mr. Khadka, my boss.

Today, he scolded me for a very small and silly mistake. It was a very nasty experienced. I looked out of the window of the moving bus to get rid of the unpleasant thoughts. Suddenly, someone sitting in the corner caught my attention.

A young man with a long beard and goggles in his eyes was looking straight at me. The young man who is far away from I can still see his mysterious smile on his face clearly and deeply. I was surprised by his act on me. I tried to remember if I know him.

I deeply concentrate in my mind but no he was unknown. I tried not to pay attention to him but after some time my eyes fell on him again and again. Still, he was looking and staring at me. I know the nature of such types of boys very well.

I was so tempered by his act in such a place. His mysterious smile and my strong dislike and hate for the people with goggles made me rise from my seat. I went close to him. There was no change of expression and fear on his face. I angrily looked into his face but he didn’t care about it so hardly slapped him.

The goggles fell down. But, what is this! Oh, God! I felt giddy. There were two holes in place of his eyes. After that, my mind becomes empty, and don’t remember anything about that incident.

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