The Short Paragraph on The Sunrise - for all students

The Short Paragraph on The Sunrise – for all students

The Sunrise

The sunrise is one of the beautiful sights of Nature. Poets have sung its praises in their poems. The sunrise is a glorious sight. The eastern sky is flash with crimson bright light. The mountain tops, the rivers, the trees, and the cottages are all bathed in its golden light. The earth and all its objects appear to be clothed in a diving light.

A gentle breeze blows and breathes peace into the human soul. Nature is at its best. Trees tool fresh and lovely, the grass looks green and the flowers wear a lovely hue. The air is laden with its rich fragrance. The birds perched on the branches of trees sing merry notes. Crows caw and doves coo. Screaming birds fly overhead. Butterflies flit about.

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The sunrise brings new hope for every social being. Nature seems to be in the new era for every creature that gives enthusiasm and courage to the being. Farmers plow their fields with warmth face and bright in its work. The bells around the necks of their oxen tinkle and gladden our hearts. In fact, everything at that time is delightful. It is the best time for prayers, studies, and walk.

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