The story behind Valentine’s day-550+ words


Valentine’s day The word valentine’s day also called Saint Valentine’s Day or the Feast of Saint Valentine, is celebrated annually on February 14, originating as a western feast day honoring the valentine’s death day, it is recognized as a significant cultural, religious and commercial celebration of romance and love in many religions around the world.

Valentine’s day, today it marks as the day of love but it is completely a pagans holiday. People don’t know why do we celebrate, do you anything about the valentine, we just follow the others fashions, it is very easy to get lost in the crowd and just take part in it because that’s with the majority is doing because they make you seem as if it is secular and don’t have any data attach to, it’s becoming secular about the love and fun. Now let me poke some history of valentine’s day externally only because the story behind is just fill with mystery.

where Valentine’s day comes from

The history begins many centuries years, the valentine day relate origin was from the 3rd century A.D, it was named after few Christians murders who is the Roman Catholic priest whose name is Saint Valentine, this day was still unknown till the 12th century but in this era, the catholic priest celebrates the day in an honoring the valentine’s death day, since from that it is going on celebrating the valentine’s day as a martyred day for them. If we take a deep inspection the history then the whole history is a full mystery.

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People are unknown about why do we celebrate these days as love one but it is not the actually we are celebrating the martyred day of catholic Christians, it was a rebranding of a pagan festival worshiping fertility. They did this to make easy on the pagans society who are coming into popular Christianity. These pagans were unwilling to give up their pagans ritual, so instead of putting in the hold to the growing paganism of the church the Rome is taking the approach of Blend and Incorporate, but changing the name of a Pagan’s ritual doesn’t change the fact that it is still a Pagan ritual, So this is where Valentine’s day comes from, it is completely Pagan.

It is pagan’s holiday 

Valentine’s day is not a major day but still a pagan’s holiday, it’s easy to overlook, if you want to set a date for your loving one pick another day and time to do this, you do not need to celebrate with the world, if the world tells you that Feb 14 is the day you require to show how you love them, then remember you are not of this world. It is pagan’s holiday and we should associate with these practices.
Beset apart from this world and be transformed, love who you love every day, and be more conviction. So please aware of this day.


If you really want to celebrate, we even have some special days in everybody’s life like anniversary, birthday or any other special days that are important days for you, show love to each other every single day. Some people celebrate these days for various reason, some celebrated these days as the spring day that means the long days has a start and the warmer days start, which would be the best loving these days for celebrating the days as a spring day. So please live your more conviction of holy spirit rather than living through conformity to the ways and traditions of this world.

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