The sweet essay on Newspapers for students and children-450 words

The sweet essay on Newspapers for students and children-450 words


Newspaper-The word newspaper defines as a presentation or the publication issued at regular and usually close intervals, especially daily or weekly and commonly containing news, comment, features, and advertising. The term “News” means –reports of current events. The process of a newspaper was developed in the 17th century, as information or the datasheets for businessmen. The first newspaper was recorded in 1660-70. By the early 19th century, many cities in Europe, as well as North and South America, published the newspaper. The term Newspaper stands for:
North East West South
Past and Present Events Report

Newspapers provide various Information

Newspapers have traditionally publish in print. As the world developing on modern technology Nowadays, today most newspapers are also published on the website as online newspapers, and some have even abandoned their print versions entirely. The Chief function of a newspaper is to provide information and data in terms of the news from all over the world. It tells us the story of the world from hour to hour and day to day. It means something of interest and meaningful for an educated person. Papers give different uses and fulfill the requirements of various individuals. There are so many columns there. The unemployed feel thirsty for seeing the ‘Situations Vacant’ columns. The unmarried look over the matrimonial columns. A sportsman is intereste in having a glance over the sports column. The businessmen and cine-goers are intereste in their respective columns.

Providing Information is great responsibilities

The editors express their own opinions about current affairs. The readers go through them and are convinced about the soundness of the views, so they become wedded to them. Thus the editor plays an important role in molding the opinion of the readers in whatever direction he likes. He has, therefore, a great responsibility.

Life without a newspaper is difficult to imagine. The newspaper can do a lot of good or harm to a country. By supporting and following the certain terms and policies of the government, it can make them a success or utter failure by going against them. Now-a days the Press is sometimes directe to propagate selfish motives and even employe to deceive others. Misrepresentation or exaggeration of facts by newspapers leads to the communal riots.


A newspaper is a better source of propaganda and understanding a thing than the radio. In a newspaper, we can read the news over and over again and keep cutting if it pertains to some important events in life. This is not the case with radio, where news once broadcast cannot repeat.

Today the Press controls public opinion and public opinion controls the government. A newspaper should be free from party attachment because a newspaper is an important pillar in a democracy. It should express everything impartially and independently. A clean, honest, truthful and earnest paper can do a lot of good to the country and people.

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