The wolf and the Lamb

The wolf and the Lamb : Short Story with Moral

The Wolf and the Lamb – Once a wolf was drinking water at a stream and lower down it, a lamb was also busy in the same activity. The wolf was so greedy that he was surprise that the lamb did not hesitate. So, at the sight of the lamb, the wolf mouth began to water. He now wanted to put an end to the life of the lamb.

He went to the lamb, and said angrily, “You rascal, why are you making the water muddy that I am drinking?” The lamb got so frightened, and said very kindly, “apology, sir if I make some mistakes upon you, I would be greatly sorry for that but you can see the water is running down from you to me that’s not my fault. So, How can I make water dirty for you?”

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The wolf knew that the lamb was in the right. But he put forward another excuse. He said,  ”You wretch ! you called me names last year. I am not going to spare you.” The lamb trembled with fear again, but it said, “Sir, I was not born then. You seem to be mistaken.”

The wolf flew into a rage and said, “well, if you were not born then, it must have been your father or mother.” With these words, he sprang upon the poor lamb and tore it to pieces.

Moral : An Arguing with wicked people leads to the worse results.         

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