Wonderful Essay on Happiness for Students and Children - 650+ words

Wonderful Essay on Happiness for Students and Children – 650+ words 


Happiness is the state of mind where we feel an inner soul at a stable. It is a condition where one person acquires patience. Most people concern their happiness by others but it will remain as short term, so find the happiness within yourself. Many people today in this world are not as happy and satisfy as they wish to be. Technological advancements and development have made our lives easier, comfortable and more luxurious. We appreciate better ways of life because of progress and improvement, however, joy has become a troublesome objective for a considerable lot of us. Our pursuit of the wealthy for the showoff has rob us of the satisfaction that we long for.

Definition of happiness

What is happiness? and How can we obtain it? Happiness can be stated as the feelings of contentment, satisfaction, and pleasure through the mind. People beliefs that their social achievements towards society like education, job, career, family and financial security can pursue their happiness but the result is different. We can own a luxurious life with all the social needs but yet we may be unhappy. There is a myth that having lots of money can make a person happy and satisfy. What can provide lasting happiness?

Ways of Happiness

Abraham Lincoln once,’You are as happy as you make up your mind to be.’ Happiness is a matter of choice. We can make a choice to be either sad and happy. Being satisfied with who are and what we have can make us happy. Tragically, there is no alternate route to satisfaction or happiness. We should first set our goals and determine the areas in these goals that important to us. Then we should survive to attain these goals. We should change the hunger of what we can and accept what we cannot.

Causes of Unhappiness

Being optimistic can aid in increasing our happiness. Always think that life is going to get better. It helps to have a positive outlook. One must not be dwelling in the past because of something that went wrong can lead to depression. At the same time, we should never try to compare ourselves with others. It will only lead to unhappiness. Instead, we should focus on our blessings, prayers and be thankful for all – good health, family, friends, and education. Happiness starts at home. Therefore, we always try to improve our relationship with our parents, siblings, and friends.

Benefits of Happiness

As we all know that life very short and the journey is very hard to survive in this world by competing with others in the name of fame or money. From birth to death our mindset is fully overload by education, career, work, family and after some period of life, we have to retire. The whole life follows the path of wasting the wonderful life in doing such activities as it is also life but we too have a focus on our happiness too.

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No matter how busy you are or how the problem you suffer always remember short mind leads to permanent solutions that are the end of life so we always have the positive thoughts during our difficult time that makes our life drama wonderful and leads to happiness. If you are then life becomes healthy, wealthy and live like in heaven. Happier students and children can be stable and can focus on their studies. They can be a good example in the coming future for better persons in life.


Research has shown that happy people live longer, are healthier and more successful. The people with happiness has more positives aura that makes the presence more wonderful in living life adventurously. Happiness doesn’t mean fulfilling the once own needs, it’s the process that makes everyone satisfy and spread the flower of love to each other. Happiness can be by fulfilling relationship goals and are respected by each other. Therefore, instead of engaging or focusing on our tragedy, pains, and sorrows, we should always keep ourselves busy and find pleasure in small things.

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