World Children’s Day – 600+ words | Essay

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World Children’s Day – 600+ words | Essay

World Children’s Day

  World Children’s Day is the annually celebrations of children day on November 20 in respecting and loving to them. Celebration of the children day may be varies from nations to nations.  It is the day where all the nations comes together to promote the welfare of the children.  

Children are the root happiness in our social family. Without the joy and the love to the children every family suffers to misery. Children should be treat as the beautiful flower as they can be dies if they are not properly care and nourishes. Every parent should give their time to the children so that the children could feel free to express themselves openly to parents and to study the psychological facts from which their children going through. World children day means the reminding of the love and care to children by the elder in living their life with full happiness and joy.

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Helping Children For Progress. 

World children day, in this day various programs are conducted by so many organization, foundation, school, club, individually, etc to encourage the children for better life, quality educations and foods, and to have the freedom life by living to its fullest. Children day, in this day most of the school organize the Annual school sports day for students and children where they can show their abilities and skills in many people. It helps them to identifying their weakness and drawbacks as feedback so that they can come stronger in coming days for progress.

Voice against the corrupt people.

World children Day, to give fire against the voice that demoralize the growth and happiness of the children in their proper living. Democracy in the children living is the important factor of serving the every rights of the children but most of the corrupted people in the nations has vanishing their freedom of rights and losing all the confident in having the good life.

World children day, not only to visualize the children about your own territory only but it is the hope, faith and love to all children’s around the world. The celebration of World Children Day means to give light to the importance of children in every nation how children are treated by their parents and people of that country.

Proper life over Misery life

World Children day has the common goal in protecting their rights in the society and nations for being losing their faith to humanity and mankind. It promotes what they should get in their ages so that in the future they do not have to suffer a lot by the lack of education, health, balanced food, life style, social life, proper shelter, mental health etc. All these things are the basics needs of the human life without it one can’t with stand the obstacles and problems coming to their life. So, world children day means the poking the children basic needs for living proper life over the misery life.  

happiness is the antidote for every parents stress.    

World children day mostly values in the smile and happiness in the children. They should have open rights for living theirs life what they deserve for. Every parent wants their children always tends smile in their face as lifelong and guess what one of the universal facts is that children’s smile and happiness is the antidote for every parents stress.    

Children are the seeds to the coming generations.

 Many organizations like UN, UNICEF, SOS, etc, are continuously serving in the children welfare and their better life. Children are the seeds to the coming generations if it is timely and effectively moralize, one day in the coming future they would become a good citizens in serving the nations through various faces.


If I recommend everybody should celebrate children day as the world children day every day and should always give them love and care so that they can’t go the wrong way. We should forget our ages in front of the children and act like them so that they can live their moment for happily.

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