Write Short Essay on the Importance of Physical Exercise- 330 words

Write Short Essay on the Importance of Physical Exercise- 330 words:


In physical exercise, we use various parts of ours. We walk, run or play and do other physical work, in these kinds of doing something our muscle tenses and stretches. It is called physical exercise. Physical exercise means maintaining the body for the long term so that we don’t have to suffer in the future in terms of different health problems.

There are many kinds of physical exercise. we can categorize games of two types: one is outdoor and another is indoor: as football, gulf, kabbadi,  cricket, etc are some outdoor games where table tennis, chess, ludo, etc are indoor games. Indoor and outdoor games play an important role in physical exercise but outdoor games more preferable for the physical fitness Games that make our limbs and muscle more active in comparison to indoor games.

Importance of Physical Exercise in human life

Nowadays in many schools, physical exercise has become a part of the school as they are necessary for child development. In many schools, it is compulsory. Early morning is the best an ideal opportunity for taking physical exercise, the night likewise a decent time of physical exercise yet we don’t take the activity of any sort after suppers.

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Physical exercise improves our health that makes our body strong and healthy. When the body is healthy, the mind also becomes sound. A man having a sound body is happy. He can enjoy life and always hopeful. An unhealthy man can’t enjoy his life, his life becomes a burden to him. He may have enough wealth but that does not give him pleasure. Some people do not take exercise.

Exercise should be taken in an open-air. Walking is good exercise. We should walk in the open field. Walking is recommended as the best form of physical exercise in old age. We should take care of our bodies as we take care of our minds. It is our duty to take exercise regularly. We should also consider that over-exercise is bad for our health but exercise with a regular phase about a certain time is best.

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