Write Short essay on the Nepal famous religious places

Write Short essay on the Nepal famous religious places

Introductions of Nepal religious place

Write Short essay on the Nepal famous religious places
Write Short essay on the Nepal famous religious places

    Nepal is a sloping and strict nation which is exceptionally wealthy in social standards and qualities. Most of the places of Nepal contains the many more temples with their own historical values that makes it more unique. Many foreigners of the world have described its beauties and naturalistic as that temple is the seconds home of the country Nepal.

Describing one famous place

   One of the famous religious places in Nepal is Dharan, Kathmandu, Taplejunj, Manang-mustang, Pokhara and many more. In which we mainly focus on the area of Dharan. Which is located at Bijayapur on the hill. It isn’t just a strict spot however notable places as well. Bijayapur is famous for its religious destination. There are many temples. If you visit there you can see the temple of Dantakali, Budhasubba, etc and many more other temples too. Here Danta means teeth and kali is the name of a goddess. many people come here to worship. According to our old ancestors, Sati Devi was the daughter of Daksha Prajapati. Once he hosted a great Yagya.

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He invited all his daughters and sons-in-law. But he did not send any messages to his daughter, Sati Devi. She had chosen Mahadev, the superior god. Daksha did not like his daughters’ marriage with him. Mahadev often appeared in ash, snake, beads, etc. All relatives were invited but Sati Devi only not invited. She felt humiliated. She went there and forced herself to the Agni Kund and killed herself.
When Mahadev heard about it he becomes angry. He executed Dakshya and conveyed Sati’s dead body began to rot and separated in different spots. When Mahadev was at Bijaypur her teeth parted and fell. Thus it became famous as Dantakali.


   The places of Dharan is a highly religious state where it contains the beautiful clock tower that attracts the many more visitors there. Dharan additionally incorporates the Buddasubba sanctuary where the greater part of the Hindu devotees tail it more, on exceptional events this sanctuary frequently popular as contrast with the danta kali sanctuary. I love the Dharan Buddasubba temple so much, I have visited it many more times. So I can say Nepal is a Religious place.

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